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Independent Developer

Hey there! I'm a self-taught web developer based in Europe with a passion for illustrative design and clean code. This website serves as a knowledge base for my projects on GitHub. If time permits, I'd also like to use this platform to write about all kind of things related to software engineering.


Tech Stack

I have a vested interest in scripting and vector art, but I also program a lot in my spare time. While I have been using Python in many of my recent projects, I started to learn C++ with a focus on Game Development. Although I still have a long way to go, progress is being made every day. In addition to all of that I also put in a little effort to learn more about web development occasionally, but more as a means to an end.

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Project Hentai

What orignally started as an inside joke between two friends on discord has grown into something much bigger. This project is a wrapper class around nhentai's RESTful API written in Python that implements all known endpoints in an accessible namespace. Although I don't really use this website myself, I went to great lengths to ensure that it might be of help to you.

Please note that the content of this library is generally considered NSFW and should not be accessed by people under the age of 18. Finally, I would like to comment at this point that you should also refrain from using this library for making an unreasonable amount of requests in a short period of time

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